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What We Do

Innovative solutions

Our mission is to provide the necessary tools for medical practices to not only survive, but to thrive within their community. We specialize in helping practices become more efficient and profitable and aim to accelerate their growth with proven successes and systems.

We are part of the nations largest group of Certified Revenue Cycle Managers and have been able to increase revenue in hundreds of private medical practices throughout the United States. We offer customizable revenue solutions allowing doctors to be able to finally focus on their patients.

Our Process

Conduct a Practice Analysis Questionnaire

We want to learn about your practice before we begin recommending valuable solutions. This step will uncover exactly where the practice can potentially increase their bottom line without having to see more patients.

Schedule a Demo

A demo of our system is a great way to ask our presenters’ important questions concerning workflow.

Package Customization:

We pride ourselves on offering each practice with customized solutions.

Training & Integration:

During the interim period, our RCM services include training to all providers and staff. We make sure the software is properly mastered before going live.


Identify where your practice can improve with our practice workflow analysis


Package Customization


Practice Integration and Training


Maximum Profitability Achievement

What We Offer:

icon iClaim


With iClaim, you can access hundreds of reports in real-time with the touch of a button.

icon EMRx


Take the frustration out of choosing an electronic medical records solution with EMRx.

icon ChoicePay


The ChoicePay system contains everything you need to calculate the patient's out-of-pocket costs

icon AutoCard


AutoCard services increase patient satisfaction and improve your bottom line.


With QuickCollect, we target a past due account before it gets deep into the "debt spiral".


AuditGuard helps maintain highest levels of compliance and increases reimbursement rates.

icon CodeRite


Stop the guesswork, and start increasing your revenue with our CodeRite review service.

icon iDocsNOW


Our web-based document management tool lets you convert paper documents into electronic images.

icon PhysicianToolbox


Our practice management services will help fully optimize every process that your practice requires to run smoothly.


Telehealth is a virtual solution your practice can offer for non-critical patient care in a private and HIPAA compliant setting.

My billing was horribly tedious and very time consuming... when I outsourced my billing, I was able to give my headache away. With iClaim, I can track what's happening with each and every claim, online 24/ 7 at my convenience.

Asli C., MD

Schedule Discovery Practice Workflow Analysis

We will provide you with a complementary analysis, and partner with you to ensure your practice achieves maximum profitability and efficiency.