Even experienced billers can miss errors when reviewing claims manually. Implementing claim-scrubbing software, which identifies and fixes problem claims automatically, can save billers time, ensure greater accuracy, and generate faster error resolution.

Another best practice is to monitor the work flow to ensure protocols are followed and errors are resolved in a timely manner.

A good claim-scrubbing system can significantly reduce denials. That means accelerated and increased revenue for you.

Be sure to appeal denied claims. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), only 35% of providers do. Inspect your denied claims, ensure they are correct, and develop a denial- management process in your practice.

An Acumen Systems client can expect a 3 to 4% reduction in denials from claims submitted through their services.

Acumen provides the necessary tools for medical practices to not only survive, but to thrive within their community. We specialize in helping practices become more efficient and profitable and aim to accelerate their growth with proven successes and systems.