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Enabling primary care practitioners to go the extra mile for their patients without adding resources or impending workflow. The simple yet thorough electronic mental health assessment – administered on-site in under 10 minutes – gives your practice a previously unrecognized revenue source and an opportunity to treat patients more holistically. By implementing behavioral health assessments at the “frontline” of the health care system, both providers and patients are empowered with the knowledge and resources to set a path towards emotional wellness.

Cover All Aspects of Care

  • New standard of care —1 in 4 adults in the US suffer from a mental disorder and 
 many of those go undiagnosed. By offering your patients this screening while they are in the waiting or exam room, you can greatly increase the chances of diagnosing and treating those who may be suffering from mental illness.
  • Federal mandated compliance Federal mandates effect every physician who accepts Medicare payments. If you are currently seeing over 25% of Medicare patients and are not staying compliant, you might be seeing a large percentage dip on revenue.
  • Reduce Liability 61% of physicians have been sued at least once. This 10 minute test enables primary care practitioners to go the extra mile for their patients and adds an extra layer of protection to demonstrate their performance in abiding to professional care.
  • Increase revenue By adding this service to your practice, you not only provide a more robust service for your patients, but additionally generate a significant increase in revenue. 

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