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A proactive solution to dealing with messy and out-of-control receivables. Neglect and lack of follow-up on past due accounts are some of the biggest reasons for uncollected revenue. Don’t wait until an account is uncollectible and you’re forced to turn it over to a costly collection agency.

Introducing QuickCollect.

  • Preserve Your Patient Relationships – Using a time-tested, automated recovery process, you can gently engage with your indebted patients. With QuickCollect, you can target a past due account before it lands into a “debt spiral” and a more direct approach is required. Recover more accounts, quickly and with less risk to your valuable client relationships.
  • Reduce Uncollectible Accounts – Manage complete control over your financials with direct contact to due accounts, detailed daily reporting and allow your patients to initiate repayment through our web-based QuickCollect system. Conserve your patients’ goodwill and reclaim your uncollected revenue with our receivable’s solution.

Find more about QuickCollect as an alternative to collection agencies
and see how you can increase client retention and triple your recovery rate.

QuickCollect - Recover more accounts, quickly.

  • Twice the Average Recovery Rate
  • Fully Automated Process
  • Low Cost, Not a Collection Agency
  • You Maintain Control
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Increased Client Retention

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